Thursday, July 10, 2014

Red Velvet Outfit Breakdown

Lately I have been experimenting with my style, buying and trying out many different items, and I was surprised how much I loved this cranberry red dress, considering I haven't worn color since I was about fourteen years old. I purchased it on ebay from the UK while searching for vintage clothing. It's very warm, with an asymmetrical cut from front to back and a gorgeous color. I paid around $60 dollars for it so it was pretty pricey, but definitely worth it.

I was extremely lucky to come across a pair of new coffin buckle winklepickers on a website called Androm. They had quite a few pairs of winks they were clearancing out and I was also able to grab a pair of bat buckle winklepickers heels, however I checked back a couple days later and they are all sold out, which really shocked me. Winks are becoming rather rare and are hard to find, but I had no idea they would have gotten rid of the shoes so quickly, considering they've had these shoes for many years, ever since fantasy closed down.

My earring was a gift and was made by combining a cross charm and an earring, the earring and charm were bought at a random jewelry store in downtown LA.

Dress: ebay
Shoes: No longer available;
Earring: DIY

Let me know what you guys think of this outfit breakdown, is there any information I should add/delete? Thanks for reading!

The March Violets 6-29-14

I saw The March Violet's at The Echo and over all it was a pretty alright show. Everyone was pretty disappointed that doors were supposed to open at 10pm and didn't open until 11pm, especially considering it was a Sunday night and a lot of people had work the next day. The first two bands (Vanish and Deathday) weren't bad, they actually had a pretty decent post punk feel and I thought they were good openers for The March Violets, but because of how late everything started they didn't get as much attention as they deserved. I've heard from quite a few people that The Echo is pretty notorious for having problems, however this was my first time ever being there, so it's worth checking out and deciding for yourself.

Once they did, the sound wasn't very stabilized and there was quite a bit of interference, which I'm sure wasn't their fault, but over all it was great seeing them and worth going. Rosie Garland and Simon Denbigh still have incredible voices, which is fantastic considering Rosie Garland's fight with throat cancer a few years back. It's always great to see post punk bands that still play, and I'm grateful I got to see them for the time I did.

The March Violets are an English Post Punk Band from the 80s, incorporating a male (Simon Denbigh) and female singer (Rosie Garland), as well as Tom Ashton on lead guitar and Joanna Moy on Bass.

This is my first "event talk", so let me know what you guys think and if there's any information you'd like to see in the next one, I'm not 100% sure what to say in posts like this. Thanks for reading!